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Liz Perceval has died and we pray for those who mourn her loss. She was the last surviving relative of Spencer Perceval (Prime Minister assassinated in 1812) in whose memory our church was built. His home was where this church now stands.
In 2009, Liz Perceval unveiled the plaque over the door of our church. She also joined All Saints in May 2012 for a special parish dinner, one of the events held to mark the 200th anniversary of Spencer Perceval’s assassination. Her grandfather, Dr Philip Perceval, one of Spencer Perceval’s great-great-grandsons, planted a tree at the east end of the church at the Golden Jubilee in 1955 and his father, Dudley Perceval, had laid the foundation stone in 1903.
All Saints will inherit the trowel that Dudley Perceval used to lay the foundation stone and there remains a family tree in the form of a coloured scroll and three suitcases of family letters. All Saints will let you know when we receive any information about anything beyond the trowel that might be gifted to the church.
Richard Bowden who heads up History and Archives at All Saints has sent a card of sympathy on behalf of the Parish to mark the death of Liz Perceval.
It would be good to use this reflection on these beginnings and endings as an impetus towards our planning an event of significance this year.
All Saints Festival 10-12 June 2016 for the Queen’s 90th birthday
With the approval and agreement of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, the Church Buildings Council is encouraging each church to organise a festival on the weekend of 10-12 June 2016 to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and her role as head of the Church of England to coincide with official celebrations taking place in London. Every church is encouraged to organise an exhibition of its life over the previous 90 years since 1926 with photographs, artwork and oral history. The ChurchCare website will offer guidance and ideas. We will be able to advertise our weekend on

If you are interested in playing your part in this All Saints Festival please let Richard/Vicar/Wardens or a member of your PCC know.

Thank you – here's looking forward to a marvellous event!