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Palm Sunday

Do join us for worship this Sunday as we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and journey with him to the cross…Palm to Passion Sunday. 

It is important for us not to jump from the celebration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the celebration of his resurrection on Easter. There is a great deal of pain and suffering in between, without which his resurrection makes no sense because God brings life out of death, grace out of suffering, hope out of despair. You are welcome at All Saints to praise, to remember, to witness, and to grow in faith.

We will begin our worship with food together in the Parish Hall. Hot drinks will be served and a traditional food eaten. These are Palm Sunday Pax Cakes. Their origin is unknown, but the tradition appears to be older than 1570 A.D. Pax Cakes were given by clergymen to their congregation with the words “God and good neighbourhood” to promote peace and reconciliation between neighbours. Please join us in the Hall for these breakfast refreshments - we will process from here with our palms into church. Begins in the Hall at 9:45am.