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Holy week and Easter at a glance


The first event here is our Maundy Thursday supper.
Be sure to communicate numbers by dropping church or the wardens a mail so that we can cater and also take into account any dietary requirements. Thank you.

Please join us as Christians from all over Ealing for the Walk of Witness. Suitable for All Ages. Music and bible read at each station along the route. Beginning at St Mary's, heading on to Haven Green and then culminating at Christ the Saviour with the Baptist church serving refreshments before people join their own churches for worship.

Holy Saturday sees All Saints worshipping with a Tenebrea service. Tenebrae is Latin for "darkness" or "shadows." A gradual extinguishing of candles occurs until a single flame, considered a symbol of Christ remains. At the end of the service, a loud noise is made, symbolizing the earthquake at the time of the resurrection (Matthew 28:2). One hidden candle is revealed and it lights the Paschal Candle as we mark the resurrection to come.

Easter Sunday is our day of rejoicing at the news of the resurrection. All Saints worships with the Book of Common Prayer at 8am and all together with a Parish Eucharist at 10:30.  Enjoy your Easter.  Blessings, Revd Rachel